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Say v. locking gas springs factors which show

  Say v. locking gas springs factors which demonstrate, in a sealed pressure tank filled with inert gas or gas mixture to a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure chamber several times or several times, using the cross-sectional area smaller than the piston rod the resulting cross-sectional area of the pressure difference to achieve the movement of the piston rod. Gas spring mainly play a supportive role, and only the shortest, longest two positions, unable to stop during the journey, with its light, smooth, easy to operate, price, etc., in automobiles, engineering machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment, etc. industry until the GF application.
  Changzhou the Longxiang Gas Spring Co., Ltd.gas springs is a special gas spring: other gas springs in the free state when they are in the longest position, that is subjected to external forces from the longest to the shortest position position movement, from the material on the points and ordinary stainless steel gas springs and gas springs, when the controller is in an ideal position to adjust stops will be independent shut-off valve, the piston rod will be locked in the desired position.
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