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Selection must be considered due attention to what the gas spring

  Selection must be considered due attention to what the gas spring, gas spring when guiding force point movement faster time to significantly increase the resistance of the spring, and when the point of movement is very slow, almost without resistance, is a a special gas spring: other gas spring in the free state when they are in the longest position that is subjected to the external force from the longest to the shortest position of the position movement. Gas spring mainly play a supportive role, and only the shortest, longest two positions, unable to stop during the journey. In the automotive, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, construction machinery and other industries most widely used.
  Changzhou the Longxiang Gas Spring Co., Ltd. gas spring can play a support, cushion, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment of industrial parts, etc., the use of the piston rod cross-sectional area than the cross sectional area to produce pressure difference to achieve the movement of the piston rod.
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