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Descriptions gas spring failure causes and treatment methods

  Descriptions gas spring failure causes and treatment methods, with some of the release mechanism can be anywhere in the itinerary stops, and there is a great stop after locking force (up to 10000N above), when using the controller to adjust in an ideal position to stop , will be independent shut-off valve, the piston rod will be locked in the desired position, mainly for the dampening effect, its greatest feature is the air force of the spring with the velocity of change, mainly by the sleeve, piston and piston rods, etc., to join in the sleeve or high pressure air, nitrogen, both ends of the piston area ranging generate pressure, push the piston and the piston rod and the support person or heavy mobile
  Changzhou the Longxiang Gas Spring Co., Ltd. Gas spring is the use of leverage and linear inverse theorems used in combination, can play a support, cushioning, braking, height adjustment and angle adjustment functions such as industrial parts, in confined cylinder pressure inert gas or gas mixture to a pressure chamber or several times higher than the atmospheric pressure several times, using the rod cross-sectional area smaller than the cross sectional area of ??the piston to generate a pressure difference to achieve piston movement.
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