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Teach you how to design a more accurate gas spring rate

   Teach you how to design a more accurate gas spring rate, due to the design and processing factors, making the trip in a gas spring force values ??inevitably change, still using more traditional painting, we all know, the cost advantage is painting low, and is relatively simple to operate, there is great potential replacement for the original painting process from swimming paint processes. Gas spring; almost completely without organic solvents, less polluting and environmentally friendly, is an effort that can lift springs can, join in the sleeve pressure air or high-pressure nitrogen gas, the piston pressure differential across the area ranging from produce, push the piston and the piston rod and the support of people moving or heavy.
  Changzhou the Longxiang Gas Spring Co., Ltd. gas springin use would produce a certain phosphate slag, gas springs themselves do affect both phosphate coating, and when the phosphating solution slag content gradually increases, easily absorbed in car body, the slag is easy to cause the coating blistering and shedding early, and lowering the vehicle coating adhesion and corrosion resistance, but if the force exceeds the lock, the lock function will no longer be valid.
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